Don Edwards Literary Memorial

June 4, 2010

Kansas City

May 29, 2010


As dreams go, it wasn’t much, more like a fragment, but on the rating scale for vivid, it was intense.

It looked like a small motel room with you sitting on the bed, leaning back up against the headboard.

I was sitting in a chair to your right, towards the head of the bed, and Bill was sitting in the other chair, on your left, towards the foot of the bed.

You were looking at Bill and said: we have to go to Kansas City, it is Dolores’ 50th anniversary . . . we have to go.

I said: Jerry, you are asking too much.

End of dream.

Should this situation present itself in the light of day, I would add: I don’t care if it is Dolores’ 50th, I’m not going to Kansas City.

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