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May 27, 2010

SUBMISSION DEADLINE for “Syndic” Literary Journal

I have decided to revive the Syndic literary journal from the 1960s.  In keeping with the times, the journal will be published online,  not in hard copy. The original Syndic was a publishing platform for high school students, the revived Syndic is open to all who submit their creative work for consideration.

The submission deadline is: Friday, July 16, 2010.

Here is a list of the kinds of creative work I wish to publish in the August 2010 issue of  Syndic:

1. Art work – with title and caption or short commentary
2. Photographs – with caption or short commentary
3. Poetry
4. Short Stories
5. Non-Fiction Essays – commentary, true story, criticism, advocacy, etc.
6. Cartoons, Political Cartoons, or Caricatures – with caption
7. Reviews – books, movies, theatre, concerts, events, other
8.  Song /Speech –  recording in MP3 format.

 Other – Items 1 to 8 are offered as suggestions. Any submission appropriate for a literary journal is welcome.

Criteria for Publication: Consideration for publication will include the following guidelines: creative, interesting, thoughtful, well-presented, authentic, insightful, and appropriate for a literary journal.

Submission of material comes with the explicit understanding the work is solely that of the author and not plagiarized.

Please submit items to:

Question?/Clarification? – Email:


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