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January 30, 2010

The Supreme Court Decision…. and the future

The Supreme Court decision recently ruled that corporations have the very same rights under the Constitution that people have. That is amazing. It raises some important issues I hope the Justices have carefully considered. For example, how long will it be before corporations are allowed to bear arms? Surely all gay corporations will be allowed to intermingle and adopt baby corporations. Corporations that make alcoholic beverages will now be required to go to rehab and join CA: Corpraholics Anonymous. Will a corporations that kills another corporation, that is it is judged to be a monopoly, be subject to the death penalty? Do they have the right of habeas corpus? Will corporations and unions be allowed to vote now? The mind boggles.

I’m not sure if religious organizations are corporations or not, but if they are surely, in context, The government will conjugate a syntax upon all communicants who go to confession. Mortal sins will be assessed at a much larger rate than venial ones. For example, cursing or little white lies would be taxed at $100 per infraction while murder would be assessed a tax of at least $1,000. and so on. I think badly sung Palestrina would be considered a Lethal Sin and be subject to a $10,000 syntax.

Speaking of syn, I have found a way to quantify the opposite of syn, namely sanctity. My wife and I hike up to the chapel on the hill in Ajijic two or three times a week. Those who go the same trail know that on the way are the Stations of the Cross, traditional depictions of events on the way to crucifixion by Jesus. There are fourteen such stations. It takes about 20 minutes to climb to the top where the chapel, the fourteenth station, awaits. Fourteen stations on the way, fourteen more on the way down. If I give “holiness” a point count of, say, 10 for each rapid meditation, that is a total of 280 holiness points in less than an hour. At three times a week, 52 weeks, I earn a total of 43,680 sanctity points a year. Of course you get negative points for the above mentioned syns, but if I pay my syntax I presume the bad numbers go to zero. Therefore, I still get nearly fifty thousand holiness points. I would assume it is a done deal with me and heaven.

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