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October 2, 2009


photo by Hub Segur (c.1972) (The word “Manong” is a Filipino term of respect for an older man.) One of the saddest chapters in our country’s history about the exploitation of farmworkers relates to the importation of Filipinos in the 1920’s and 1930’s to work for agribusiness. These Filipinos were not permitted to marry or to own land – they were used as cheap labor to subsidize California’s largest industry, agribusiness. Filmmaker Marissa Aroy will release her documentary “The Delano Manongs” in 2010 – a story of farmworker exploitation long, long overdue! Ms.Aroy writes: “the documentary will put the Manongs story in historical and modern day context, from the time they arrived in the US in the 20s and 30s to the time of their demise in the 70’s and 80s, and the significance of their legacy to thousands of Filipino Americans.” Amen.

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