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August 30, 2006

Jesus’ thoughts about Christianity today

I am sure, LeRoy, this is not a new idea. But I wonder about what Jesus would make of his legacy whether Catholic or any of a variety of Protestant churches in our time. For that matter, I wonder what the prophet Mohammed would make of his legacy now.

Talk about a coincidence. I talked recently to an ex-Catholic priest here in Ajijic about my research into the early Church. He’s an interesting man, plays a lot of golf, is about ten years my senior. He has given some talks on the “spirit of the gospels” and I find them without reproach and some interesting insights. It turns out he was the young seminarian at the church I went to in Sacramento when I was required to go to “Saturday School” for Catholic kids who went to public schools when I was probably twelve years old. I am sure we met…but of course after all these years, we wouldn’t remember.

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