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June 2, 2006

Iran and other matters


Went to Colima, the volcano city, with daughter Tracie and Judy (Valerie’s youngest sister) and friend. Nothing special, nice plaza as in all Mexican cities, virtually no good restaurants, then missed the city wanted to visit on the coast and drove all day to get back. Won’t go there, I assure you, when you come for a visit.

It is hard to fathom the Condoleeza Bush Rumsfeld Cheney reasoning about anything now. They are so inept and so hated throughout the world that their influence is not taken seriously…..more and more so in Latin America. I would not be surprised if we actually attacked Iran.

Underestimating adversaries is a tradition in our species, Napoleon and Hitler both underestimated the Russians. Valerie and I went on an archeological dig in South Africa a couple of years ago, the very first exploration of the battle of Isandluanda, a massacre of British troops by Zulu warriors. The British were poorly bivouacked, and even with greatly superior weapons, a few hundred well trained soldiers were no match for 20,000 world class Zulu athletes with old guns and spears. Likewise Custer….poorly bivouacked and underestimated the ferocity and determination of a bunch of “savages.”

I am afraid that our governmental process, our Constitution, has been hijacked by big business and I don’t see any change in our lifetime. As pessimistic as that sounds, can you imagine what you and Cesar and your colleagues would do now with the duplicitous rhetoric about “illegal aliens” with cheap labor wanted by many businesses in the US and of course, the Mexican government likes the idea of getting their people jobs, legal or not, in the US. Takes the pressure off of them.

Good Friday to you, too, LeRoy. Friday the 13th comes on a Thursday in June.


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