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June 5, 2006

I lied


I have never forgiven the COUNCIL or whoever they were for the heartless way they chose to throw me to the wolves. My “handshake” was rhetorical, reflecting your earlier message. But my life certainly was changed over those five or so years I spent at the Mont and St. Marys, mostly for the better. On the other hand, our 1985 “reunion” at St. Mary’s, our ex-colleagues, had few benevolent feelings either.

The Fratres Scholarum Christianarum in California had none of the spirit of teaching the poor any longer, though you have much more experience about that than I.

My “reclaiming” story doesn’t tell the whole thing, by a long shot. But it is part of my life and was a part of what I wrote on my last message. As we have discussed, whether Jesus would recognize any church now, I think Jean Baptiste de la Salle would be embarrassed, even ashamed, by the order he founded.

My best this Sunday evening, clouds forming, perhaps rain. Thelocal custom is that Saint Anthony is responsible for “juvia”, rain, and if that is the case, storms each evening will happen beginning June 13. We shall see.


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